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Step 4: Now click the Restart button to start up your Mac using the chosen volume. Should you run into problems whilst attempting to boot your Mac from an external storage device, consult our FAQ below to help troubleshoot any start up issues you may be plagued with.

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Depending on its model and power requirements, it may be necessary to connect your USB storage device to an external power supply. Make sure your external storage is turned on and connected to your Mac. In the worst case scenario, you might need to reinstall OS X on the external volume.

Boot a Mac from a CD / DVD

Using an external hub to connect several USB storage devices may cause your Mac to fail to recognize them at boot time. Try connecting the USB drive to another port on the hub. Both wired and wireless Apple Keyboard, and some other keyboards with built-in USB ports, may not supply enough power to some external USB hard drives. The same disclaimer applies to holding the left button on a wireless mouse at boot time to open the disc tray.

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Your Mac can start up in a number of different ways, including the following methods that our tutorials provide step-by-step instructions for:. We like receiving feedback from you guys so share your thoughts with other readers by posting a comment below. Are you holding right or left "alt" key? It should work with left key. Left key. Nothing happens except it boots like normal in OS X.

Hm, it should work though. Alternatively, you could use the rEFIt Boot menu refit.

I'm glad you made it! After about an hour of frustration I found this. I had to plug the keyboard on the usb near the headphone jack on my iMac , and unplug external drives.

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  8. Ray Ray 21 3 3 bronze badges. I had to plug in a wired USB keyboard. Wireless Logitech K did not work in any ports.

    How to Switch Between Windows and OS X with Mac’s Boot Camp

    Austin M. This answer was already provided, and accepted. Can you please explain how your answer differs from the accepted answer? This is exactly the response that brought me here because I had the same problem Logitech K in my case , and it helped me. That's great!

    How to start up your Mac from a bootable CD/DVD

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