Java not working on mac safari

Apple is not just singling out Adobe, however. Google's Chrome browser has already started blocking Flash ads, and will start blocking Flash by default later this year except for several major websites -- the big difference here is that Chrome comes with the Flash plug-in pre-installed and will continue to automatically update to the latest version.

Meanwhile, Edge only displays Flash if it's a central element on the page you're looking at, and Mozilla blocks versions of Flash with known security vulnerabilities.

Unpack and run the installer

Also read: Check if Adobe Flash is installed, then get rid of it Apple is not just singling out Adobe, however. Related Reads Some iPhone owners are reporting that iOS 13 closes background apps too aggressively Safari in iOS 13 was sending browsing data to Chinese tech giant Tencent MacBook users can only use Catalina's Sidecar feature on newer models Apple's macOS Catalina update is now available for download 3 comments 49 interactions. Load Comments 3. User Comments: 3 Got something to say? Post a comment.

Mac OS X - Mojave: Any browser support Java? : java

Recently commented stories Jump to forum mode. Add your comment to this article You need to be a member to leave a comment. After updating to Safari Version Safari 12 no longer supports java. As someone mentioned on the apple discussion forums one of the workarounds is to switch to Firefox version v It is important to quickly disable updates within the Firefox preferences or it will update to a newer version that also doesn't support Java.

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