How to split merged cells in excel mac

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Shortcut to Merge Cells in Excel

Figure 1: Some tables need to have merged or split cells Notice that the header content, Weather in C and Weather in F both span two lines each whereas the data below does not really need that much space. Figure 2: Merge and Split options for the table Using these two options you can merge and split table cells as required. To explore more about Merge and Split options, explore the sections below: Merge Table Cells Let us start with merging cells in a table: Select at least two or more table cells and access the Table Layout tab of the Ribbon as shown highlighted in red , within Figure 3.

Now click the Merge button that you can see highlighted in blue within Figure 3. Figure 3: Table cells selected for merging This will merge the selected table cells into a single cell.

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In Figure 4 you can see that the two cells selected earlier are now merged into a single cell highlighted in red. Figure 4: Selected table cells merged into a single cell Similarly you can select multiple rows and columns in a table and merge them into a single cell. Split Table Cells Unlike in Excel where you can only split cells that were previously merged, PowerPoint has no such limitations. Follow these steps to split a selected cell into multiple rows and columns in a table: Select the table cell that you want to split -- in Figure 5 you can see that the last cell within the first row is selected highlighted in red.

Then, click the Split button highlighted in blue within Figure 5 within the Table Layout tab of the Ribbon. Figure 5: Table cell selected for splitting This brings up the Split Cells dialog box as shown in Figure 6. In this dialog box, enter the number of columns and rows that you want the selected cell to be split into. Then click the OK button.

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Figure 6: Split Cells dialog box This will split the selected table cell as shown in Figure 7 highlighted in red. Figure 7: Selected cell split into specified number of rows and columns Select the table cells and split them as required. You may want to edit or add text in the split cells.

Remember to save your presentation often. This is important because it inserts a space between the contents of the cells being merged.

Re: Command to unmerge cells

You also have the advantage of being able to modify the combination later, whereas you cannot do that when you merge cells the regular way. Merged cells can create weird spaces in your spreadsheet, though, and unmerging them solves the problem.

The cells will go back to their original count and size. That being said, you may find that you come across a situation where you need to merge cells in Excel. Even an Excel beginner will need to use them every day.

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It's a tedious task if done manually. We'll show you smart ways to merge Excel files. Read More! Explore more about: Microsoft Excel , Spreadsheet. Your email address will not be published. Merged cells are never helpful and they will make it harder for the next person to build on your work. The correct way to center a title over a number of columns is Center Across Selection.

Agreed Concatenate is no use here ampersand does the job easily. And Flash fill does the rest to populate the column. Merging cells is horrible.

Unmerging all merged cells - Microsoft Excel

It will not help you with almost anything. Try to select a column using keyboard for example, won't work if the cells are merged. If you concern in clean up and formatting i suggest the center across selection function, work the same way without merging the cells Top Deals. Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article?