Samsung ssd 840 mac pro 1.1

Is that correct? Awesome thanks for the replys The Icy dock should work as well -- they may have two different sets of screw holes. Check the screw positions against another drive to make sure you have the connector sticking out the right amount and in the right place to mate with the backplane in your and not set up for a model. Then you want to clone the SSD and have a system restore image that you can boot from and to run Disk Utility repair so that "trimming' is performed. Sometimes you want to research when you buy one and get it delivered and check to see if there are firmware update for it for your Mac.

I could never go back and be satisfied with even a 10K drive though that can come close - almost - but with a lot of chatter noise. The 2TB drive will do well. Now make sure to backup, use TimeMachine, and invest in drives and software to clone those. Dec 31, AM. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search.

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How to: Install a PCIe SSD into your Mac Pro

User profile for user: UnderRated UnderRated. More Less. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. WD Black is perfect for data. View answer in context. Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 0. Dec 30, PM in response to UnderRated In response to UnderRated The Mac Pro features a "cable-less" installation where up to four drives, mounted on sleds that slide into slots in the chassis, mate directly with a backplane connector without any additional cables.

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Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 1. Get the least expensive one since yo can't use the higher speed. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Dec 30, PM in response to lllaass In response to lllaass Thanks for the reply!

Installing an SSD on your Mac? Don't make this mistake

Also, is the WB Caviar Black a good choice for data? Or is that overkill also? THanks a lot! Dec 30, PM in response to lllaass In response to lllaass I have a which is the 1,1. Awesome I'll go with the WD Black for data. Is the Samsung EVO what you have on your 1,1 hatter? Is this the one you are suggesting?? Thanks much!

I hope my Mac Pro seems faster than ever! I had to log back into that tool manually. Oh yeah. Before doing the install I recorded the time it took to perform certain tasks and load some applications. I also ran the Nova Bench application and let it calculate a score before and after the conversion.

Starting up felt much snappier than before. But how about regular use applications?

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In every day usage this performance was pretty stunning. It felt as though I had upgraded to a brand new Mac. Every aspect of the Mac just seemed snappier. Back when I was heavily into Windows I found myself upgrading machines every couple of years. You pretty much HAD to format the drive, reinstall Windows and start over again. Once you get to that point it was worthwhile just upgrading the hardware at the same time. My Mac Pro has been different.

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These were not full reinstalls but upgrades to the existing OS. Sure, Macs may cost a little more up front, but the ROI is easily justified if you'll be keeping it long term. Got some advice for SSD upgrades? Please drop a note in the comments. Mac Tips. SSDs are awesome. My first experience was to take an older Macbook Model 7,1 - 2. The performance difference was ridiculous. It is such a pleasure to use. I then decided to find an older iMac to upgrade. I bought an iMac 9,1 - 2.

It's awesome. SSD adds some serious life to older machines. I can't imagine ever owning another computer that isn't SSD based. I was able to drill out the holes and got it to work. May 17, at AM. Eytan said…. My PMG4 lasted from , no reason this one can't last me until at least May 17, at PM. David Alison said….

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Eytan: The Mercury Accelsior looks incredible. Expensive but I like that blade model where you can just upgrade the SSD and get credit for the previous one. Got the GB model. I copied my usual boot drive except the downloads to it. Made a hard link to redirect the downloads to a regular HDD.

It's the access time that made the difference, not so much the throughput which was already high. I Just installed the Accelsior e2 gig version into my mac and I am smiling ear to ear. I partitioned it system disk 1 that I use exclusively for my Adobe After Effects performance cache I have hundreds of plug ins for AE and it takes forever to open I am reading up on the SSD replacement process and have read enabling it is better for the drive. Interested in what you think. May 18, at AM. We have done this before the Accelsiors were available Scott: Yeah, I'm starting to regret not going with that option the more I read about it.

Apricorn Velocity Solo x1 SSD Upgrade Kit for MacPro & PCs Description

Seems like pretty impressive performance. Thanks for that. I'm working on a blog post now to cover TRIM related issues.

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Should be up in a couple days. May 19, at PM.

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David 2 SSDs in Raid0 is the cheapest way. As I told you, we have done this a "long" time ago.