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When you select output formats, it is advisable to go for JPEG for all general purposes. You can then hear a camera tone that tells you about your screenshot which has been saved in PNG format to the desktop. There is a setting that is built-in on the Options panel to take a still screenshot for your video calls. You have to go to Tools and then select Options on the main interface. You will see a pop-up window. You can enter the key combination as a shortcut to make video screenshots. Images will be saved in the Gallery folder.

What separates this online tool from other solutions mentioned here is that it can annotate or edit screenshots using its built-in image editor.

The 6 Best Shortcuts to Take Screenshots on a Mac

Additionally, it lets the users capture a specific screen area which is suitable so they can screenshot the portion they only need. Another is that since it is an online tool, it would not need any complicated installation process to use it. Since it is packed with all of the essential features required, it can screenshot your screen activity in HD quality with a single click. Using your mouse, drag it to select the exact area you wish to capture. Release the left-click button to capture the screen.

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After that, it will show a preview of the image, and users can start editing it if they want. For Windows and Mac users, the free online screenshot is a useful tool for Skype screenshots.

It is located in the home page of the tool and it does not need any license fees or registration. The interface of this tool is available when you allow a Java applet.

How to See Unsaved Pictures on Skype

You can let the mouse hover on the Skype dialog box as soon as you see a frame appearing around the border. This completes the screenshot. When having Skype calls, you can use Hotkey to take video screenshots. Images of your family and friends can be captured easily.

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Video screenshots could be stored on your computer, locally. Did you know that aside from recording Skype calls, you can take video snapshots using a hotkey?

A hotkey is a keyboard shortcut for any applications that is set up by its user providing quick access. You can take Skype snapshots during a video call by setting up your own hotkey. Video snapshots are automatically saved on your computer. After taking your snapshots, you can view it by clicking Gallery.

View Skype Snapshots Gallery

You can share your snapshots to your friends by clicking Share. To find your snapshots in your computer, just click Locate.

Hotkeys not just only give you a quick shortcut but also makes your Skype experience easier. Check out this great application in www.

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