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As the Internet evolves, Intego develops new programs and enhances its existing software to meet the growing security needs of Mac users.

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Intego provides Internet security and Mac antivirus software to protect Macs from network threats, viruses, Trojan horses and all other malware. While makers of Windows antivirus have recently entered the Mac market, only Intego has been protecting Macs exclusively since No other security software company can devote all its time and resources to the specific problems that affect Macs and iOS devices.

Intego's Malware Research Team is made up of security experts who are also Mac experts. Even though it's pretty resource light, it wasn't the lightest in our tests.

It just hit the sweet spot between resources and features. Also, support for Mountain Lion came a few months after its launch, so Sophos wasn't exactly right there with those people who upgraded on launch day. ClamXav 2 uses the open source ClamAV virus scanning engine.

Your Mac isn’t invulnerable to threats… Yet.

It can also detect both WIndows and OS X malware, scan on demand or on a regular schedule, and it's probably a bit more lightweight and easy on system resources than Sophos. It's compatible with OS X The only trouble with ClamXav is that its definitions come a bit more sporadically than we'd like daily, usually, sometimes, if they feel like it and while performing scans is easy, tweaking all of the settings and getting the app scanning proactively is a little more effort than I'd like to see.

Still, it's an excellent alternative, and one of the first you should check out if Sophos isn't cutting it for you. Free Antivirus for Mac is the Mac version of our current favorite for Windows , and for good reason.

Free Antivirus for Mac OS X from Comodo | Download Mac Antivirus

It's free, it works, it's lightweight, but the only catch is that it only scans for Mac-specific malware, which won't matter to you if you're in an all-Mac ecosystem, but if you, like most of us, share the world with Windows users, thinking of them doesn't hurt. Avira is another free utility worth a look. Avira's UI and options are perfect for non-technical users, and it offers strong protection against known Mac threats. Again, there's no Windows protection in the app, and both the scheduling and custom scan options are a bit anemic, so power users may want to shy away from it. Previous Next Sort by votes.

Dec 26, 0 10, I am currently working on a old Macbook for a friend and he told me he wants a antivirus for it.

Malware can’t hide from us

The problem is that I have tried just about every antivirus software out there and they don't support osx tiger. I also tried finding old versions on file hippo with no luck. Does anyone know any compatible antivirus or maybe a older antivirus? View McHenryB's answer. McHenryB Admirable. Jan 31, 2, 0 6, The chance of one of those contracting a virus is practically zero.

Macs also need protection

Its not a power pc its as a intel core 2 duo. Thanks I will check it out.

Avast Mac Security

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