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Verdict: If you want a quick and easy way to scan archived photos or 35mm film, this is a great option. If you want professional imaging and premium quality scanning, you may want to try something else. Simply scan in film, save, and share. This is a very versatile that converts film to JPEG digitals in seconds.

It optimizes all sorts of photographic film formats. You can save, share, enhance, print, edit, and more. This scanner is a way for you to share the Kodak moments of the past. As far as downsides go, this scanner can only scan film rolls that have been developed professionally already.

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It cannot develop or scan raw film. It is not designed to be utilized for film development of any kind. Additionally, this scanner does not produce images with extremely high resolutions as many professional scanners do. Easy to use — No software required to start using this scanner. Versatile — Can scan many sizes and types of film such as 35mm, , , Super 8, and 8mm negatives. Scans quickly — Allows you to scan in images quickly and easily. Cons Small display — This will not display well on large monitors. Non-professional — Not designed for professional photography. Verdict: This is a simple and quick little scanner that allows you to look at old film rolls.

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It can process and give you a preview of images quickly and you can offload them to a computer easily. If you need something for large-scale viewing or professional photography, however, this may not be the best quality. It saves film to its internal memory or to an optional internal memory card.

Best 35mm Film and Slide Scanner Reviews: Who Makes the Best Film and Slide Scanner?

This scanner lets you transfer files to your Mac or PC as well so you can edit, process, or enlarge your now digital images. It also has a 2. Pros Compact — This is a small and compact scanner. Easy to use — Ready to go right out of the box, no software installation is necessary. No extras- It has everything you need to do minimal scanning and sharing but does not add anything particularly special. Verdict: If you want a cheap and simple way to view 35mm film, this is a decent option. This is simply an inexpensive and easy to use film scanner that has exactly what you need and nothing more.

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This is the cheapest working 35mm film scanner that we have come across so far. Though there may be a few less expensive options out there, this is the only one we have found that actually functions decently in this price range. It does exactly what it claims to do, scans 35mm film and displays images through a tiny LCD screen on the top. It also has a USB 2. It can be used with Windows operating systems from 7 and up and Mac OS. The dpi resolution rates of this scanner only reach around Still, if you want to save money and scan your 35mm film, this may work well. Pros Cheap — This is the least expensive working scanner that we have found so far.

Scans easily — Scan 35mm film easily and at pretty quick rates. Output cables — You can plug this scanner into a television or computer. Small LCD screen — The display screen is tiny and hard to see.

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Verdict: If you need something cheap and easy that will scan 35mm film, this is a useful little device. It scans, previews, converts, and offloads images. It is easy to use, simple to set up, scans reasonably fast, and converts everything to a usable digital format. This scanner also has features that let you enhance the brightness and resolution of images on the device itself without having to connect to a computer. This can be frustrating. Resolution and brightness features — Adjust resolution and brightness from the device.

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No software — USe it immediately out of the box. Share easily — Connects to a computer for image editing and printing or to a television for larger image viewing. Cons Needs adjustment — Images may need adjustment before they are usable. Verdict: If you need to scan film in a few different formats for a fair price, and if you also want a few editing features thrown in, this scanner may be a decent choice. If you want something that processes smoothly and allows you to edit in-depth, move along. It works well, process slides at a decent rate, and then converts negatives to a useful digital format.

It also lets you easily adjust color balance and exposure. It also converts color and black and white 35mm film slide to a JPEG format. You can play with the images as a slideshow on the LCD screen or connect to a TV for larger image viewing. It comes with the TV cable as well which is a bonus. What makes this slide processor most unique though, is its portability, you can plug it in with the AC adaptor, or use a rechargeable battery to carry it with you on the go. Pros Portable — Plug it into an AC adaptor or use the rechargeable battery.

Slideshow playback — View images as a slideshow on the display screen or on a TV. Adjustable settings — Adjust exposure and color balance directly on the device. Verdict: If you need to scan or share recently digitize 35mm slides on the go, this is definitely your best bet. It is the only scanner that we know of that can run on a rechargeable battery.

On the downside, the image quality could be better. It gets the job done well enough, but we would have liked to see a higher resolution rate. Still, we suppose for the size, price, and easy portability, this scanner is a pretty good deal. Best 35mm film Scanners Buying Guide Here, we are going to answer questions that a buyer might have when looking for one of these products:. The image quality of a film scanner is superior to that of a DSLR adapter. Scanning images and processing them digitally is one of the best ways to guarantee the quality of an image with the least amount of effort and time spent.

When enlarging wet prints in a dark room, you must not only have a large amount of dedicated space but also be experienced in the many techniques of film development. Many people enjoy the process of enlarging wet prints in a dark room and we agree that it is a great hobby, but in this day and age, if you wish to engage in professional photography, you will most likely have to keep up with the technological wave and get a digital film scanner of some kind. The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner available on Amazon is an example of a digital scanner which allows you to scan and share photo negatives with your smart devices.

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These are some of the best products for 35mm film scanning on the market today. What do you think? Please feel free to leave your feedback and let us know! At HereOn. The Plustek OpticFilm i is not only powerful but has a dpi resolution. Software and drive issues — Software and drives can be frustrating to install, depending on the operating system you have. Starting with the statistics, this film scanner features a good 4, dpi optical resolution rate with 4.

This is a high-performance machine designed by Nikon, leaders in the photography world. Premium build quality — Nikon brand machine of impressive quality and design. No monochrome presets — This scanner has great color presets but few if any, black white presets. If you need to process images, film, negatives, documents, or photographs, this scanner is a good option to consider, but you should really get this film holder made for the Epson V Good price — Comes at an affordable price.

Best 35mm Film and Slide Scanner Reviews: Who Makes the Best Film and Slide Scanner?

Slow — This scanner is slower than some similar scanners. This scanner would be great for professionals or industry experts who need impressive resolution rates. Fast — This scanner processes images quickly. Hard to fix — Replacement parts and repair specialists can be hard to find with this brand. If you are tired of being unable to process and share slides, this is an awesome option for you.

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Kodak has created this digital film scanner so that you can easily relive the past. Built-in LCD display- This display allows you to easily view scans immediately. Small display — This will not display well on large monitors. We know that your classic photos and film are precious, so we want to make it as safe as possible to preserve your memories in an updated format. In order to fully evaluate a product lineup, we first research every facet of the category. For slide to digital image converters, we gathered information about older media formats, including the most popular sizes and how to properly clean and store old slides. In addition to this general knowledge, we researched converter-specific information to narrow down our options to only the best image converters.