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In this topic, we provide the instructions. First, we ask that you make sure the following three conditions have been satisfied completely. Otherwise, there is no chance to make WoL work successfully. Please verify that the:.

Please note that currently, it is not possible to awaken a Mac computer from a powered-off state via the WoL feature, although it can be done from a sleeping state as described below. This step pertains to PC only; Mac users can ignore this. Configure your computer to be Wake-on-LAN ready. Please note that the term in BIOS might vary.

Your computer must be connected to your wireless router using the network cable Ethernet.

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If you are using only battery power on the laptop, this may cause an attempt to use the WoL feature to fail. Keep your computer ON , and make a successful connection, then shut down your computer power off. You should see the computer you want to awaken shown as an unavailable one gray computer icon , like the example shown in the illustration below.

How To Set An Alarm On A Macbook

Please note that it is essential that the Virtual Driver be installed. If the first screen displayed on the tablet is abnormal, just tap again. This is a known issue. You can also disable Dark Wake mode by editing the following file. Please refer to the post Nov. Thanks to King Manuel.

Wake up your Mac with your iPhone

These apps let you keep an eye on battery health and improve battery life. Read More. Your email address will not be published. The new phone absolutely has hurt my eyes. I started having vision problem after switching to the 6 Plus. Apple should be responsible and make this right.

Here, no need to run any other application.


To the best utilization or resources, you need to set Mac sleep timing. I am satisfied with your blog. Your post is dear. Thanks for sharing your precious comprehension with me. Just joking- Save power, Shut it down. It will reduce pollution, then global warming and ultimately life on earth. The earth is in your own hands. Save it.


I'm sorry but we have only worked with Mac development environment so far. Maybe in the future we can analyze other OS versions. Is there some reason why we wouldn't just change the settings in the 'Energy Saver' control panel? I have my MacBook set to never sleep when on the power adapter but to sleep after 15 minutes on battery.

When I have long running processes to complete, I just plug it in. I'm a long time Mac owner and also am perplexed on why the settings in Energy Saver are not sufficient.

I set all my Macs for the HD to never sleep, just the screens. It's not like the display sleeps if you're watching a movie, so I don't get it. Top Deals.

How to turn an alarm clock on Mac?

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Keep the screen from lighting

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Awaken - Wake up to your music

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