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Instructor Chad Chelius explains how to sign up for Creative Cloud and install programs and updates.

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He shows how to upload, download, and manage files in the cloud, and reviews the sharing and collaboration workflow. Then, he demonstrates how to store and share reusable assets in CC Libraries. Finally, he shows how to use the Creative Cloud and other Adobe mobile apps to take your work anywhere your creativity leads.

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Skill Level Intermediate. Show More Show Less. Related Courses. Preview course. Search This Course Clear Search. Unleash your creative potential 53s. Get Started with the Creative Cloud. What is Creative Cloud? What is an Adobe ID? Sign up for Creative Cloud 2m 48s. Explore the Creative Cloud website 5m 18s. Work with Desktop Apps. Install Creative Cloud Desktop on Windows 4m 52s. Install Creative Cloud Desktop on Mac 2m 58s.

Download and install apps 3m 12s. Install previous versions of Creative Cloud apps 3m 29s. Update Creative Cloud applications 4m 13s. Uninstall Creative Cloud applications 2m 19s.

Exploring the Creative Cloud Desktop application 4m 33s. Creative Cloud Files. What are Creative Cloud files? Upload files to your account 4m 10s. Organize your Creative Cloud files 3m 44s. Download your files 2m 36s. View Creative Cloud files on the web 2m 25s. Working with file versions 7m 36s. Share links to Creative Cloud files 3m 28s. Collaborate with Creative Cloud files 6m 5s. Delete and restore files 3m 47s. XD Cloud documents 4m 27s. Creative Cloud Libraries. Create a Creative Cloud Library 3m 50s.

Adding objects in a Creative Cloud Library 4m 37s. Using objects in a Creative Cloud Library 6m 34s.

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Add colors to a Creative Cloud Library 7m 17s. So say a new version of Photoshop is released.

Adobe Creative Suite 2 (CS2) - Macintosh Repository

I wait a while, then launch Creative Cloud Desktop to update Photoshop. But I discover that Creative Cloud Desktop has just been updated, so I wait a while before risking downloading it. By then, Photoshop has been updated again and I'm back to the beginning. It's even worse. I wanted to uninstall an old version of Photoshop to free up some badly needed space.

Of course with a mandatory update. I had to install new software to free up space. I might have been out in the field, with no Internet access, desperately needing space, and unable to uninstall an old version of Photoshop. Every time I launch Creative Cloud Desktop when there's not a mandatory update , it's telling me about some wonderful new Adobe software or service of absolutely no interest to me. What I really want is just to download three packages Photoshop, Bridge, Camera Raw , then use the Mac package utility to install them on all my computers.

I download once on my schedule and install on my schedule. Creative Cloud Desktop launches automatically after installation or an update.

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If it contained any malware, the malware has already run. I want to install a package, scan the installed application for malware, and only then launch it. Finally, I have to log in to Creative Cloud Desktop, meaning I have to trust it to transport my credentials securely. With Adobe I have no choice.

How to Download Creative Cloud.

Like 2. The hate is based on the fact that once they have you and your files, you are locked into Adobe's parasitic bleeding - and what a surprise, the fees doubled overnight last week. Pay up or lose your work. Like 1. My fees didn't double overnight.

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They're the same. Don't know where you got that from. Not sure what you mean by 'locked in' either. All my files on on my machine. I'm not going to lose anything even if Adobe goes tits up, which it isn't. Well I wasn't aware of the increase for new users it's true, though as 9to5mac. But I can always access my files - they're on my Mac, and backed up, so I don't know what you mean by that.

Perhaps you mean the cloud storage, which I don't use. But I do use and love Photoshop and Lightroom Classic. I agree they shouldn't increase their price, even though I love the apps. Pixelmator et al are good but they don't come near Lightroom imo.

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Simply cannot understand the hate. Click the Software Downloads link. Choose the Windows or Mac version. Follow the online instructions to complete the download. Learn More. Enter your Pitt email address and click Sign in. Select Enterprise ID for account type.